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Polk VINtelligence™
(Vehicle Identification Number Analysis)

Making decisions based on inaccurate Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) information can cost you money. VINtelligence provides precise vehicle descriptions while eliminating the labor involved with manual VIN verification. VINtelligence is a VIN decoder, analysis and validation application solution for passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, trailers and motorcycles.

VINtelligence not only offers you superior, more accurate data, VINtelligence covers nearly 300 million active vehicles in North America! Unlike other VIN decoders that can only decode the standardized 17 alphanumeric vehicle code established for 1981 and newer vehicles, VINtelligence can decode most VINs back to 1966.

With VINtelligence, users are able to:

  • Rely on automatic VIN specification updates
  • Validate the entire VIN including the check digit for accuracy
  • Correct VIN errors
  • Generate standard vehicle descriptions
  • Return full spellings of vehicle make and series names
  • Obtain more than 50 other elements of vehicle data including Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), restraint type, engine detail, vehicle specifications and other vehicle options. (View Sample Output)
  • Utilize Polk's decades of VIN decoding experience at the click of a button

Also, VINtelligence is versatile. VINtelligence was designed to be accessed in multiple ways, including your web based or in-house applications.

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