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VINtelligence™ Help

Please look to the FAQ presented below for answers to your VINtelligence questions. If you can't find help within the FAQ on this page, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register for VINtelligence?

Registered users for VINtelligence allows you to validate and decode individual and multiple VINs anytime for a fraction of the price of traditional services.

How do I change my password?

Click on "My Account" on the main navigation and click on the link "Click here to change password".

How do I register for VINtelligence?

Registration for VINtelligence is a simple process. Please contact Polk at (248) 728-7871 if you would like to set up an account to purchase VIN Decoding services.

What happens if I incorrectly enter a VIN?

If you enter a VIN with invalid characters (for example, $ or %), you will be notified prior to submitting the order for decodes. If you submit an invalid VIN and specify that you would like VINtelligence to attempt VIN correction, VINtelligence will correct the VIN, if possible, using a unique algorithm designed to correct problem VINs.

Will I be charged for incorrectly entered VINs?

You will not be charged for VINs that VINtelligence can not decode, unless you indicate that you would like VINtelligence to attempt VIN correction. In that case, if VINtelligence "corrects" the VIN you entered and outputs the decoded VIN results in the format you specified, there will be a fee for the VIN decoding and correction.

How can I decode/verify multiple VINs? I would like to decode hundreds of VINs.

VINtelligence supports the decoding of multiple VINs via the Upload VINs functionality. Refer to the CSV question below for specific instructions for uploading VINs to be decoded.

How do I make a CSV file for the multiple VIN upload feature?

Click on the Upload VINs tab on the top of the page and upload a file containing the VINs you would like decoded. A sample CSV format file is available here. Note that the file you upload must conform to this sample in order to be processed correctly.

How much does this VIN decoding service cost?

Please contact Polk for further information by calling 1-800-GO-4-POLK.

What information does VINtelligence provide?

VINtelligence can output results in three formats:

With VINtelligence, you can verify VIN accuracy, validate the entire 17-digit VIN including the check digit, correct VIN errors, generate standard vehicle descriptions, return full spellings of vehicle make and series names, and obtain multiple elements of vehicle data.

What is a VIN?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (or VIN) have been used since 1954 to describe and identify motor vehicles. From 1954 to 1980, VINs were a free-form of alphanumeric patterns and governed by the individual vehicle manufacturer.

Beginning with the model year 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required that all vehicles sold for on-the-road use must contain a 17 character VIN. Today, VINs are used to help identify the vehicle for sales, recalls, insurance and recovering stolen vehicle parts.

For more information about VINs, please see the U.S. Department of Transportation's website

Can my in-house or web-based application access VINtelligence?

Yes. VINtelligence is designed to be accessed by multiple ways, including web based or in-house applications. Please contact us at 1-800-8-POLK-CO (1-800-876-5526) to set up an account.

Why can't VINtelligence decode some of the fields for my VIN?

In some cases, not all information can be decoded from a VIN. VINtelligence's VIN decoding information is based on vehicle manufacturer's VIN specifications. Where the manufacturer has not supplied the appropriate information, the field will be left blank.

What is a check digit and how is it assigned?

A check digit is the 9th position of the VIN. The check digit is mathematically computed based on the VIN itself. A check digit can only be 0-9 or X. If the check digit is anything else, the VIN is considered invalid. Likewise if based on the VIN the check digit should be 5, and the VIN has an X in the 9th position, the VIN is considered invalid.

Who decides what each position of the VIN represents?

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for developing VIN standards within the United States. Some positions of the VIN must follow NHTSA standards while others are left to the manufacturer's discretion. Please refer to www.nhtsa.com for more details

Where does Polk get its VIN data from?

Polk obtains VIN information directly from each manufacturer.

Can I tell the color of the car by the VIN?

Unfortunately not. VIN information is limited to general options available on the vehicle in question but does not include the specific options selected for that VIN.

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